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Fundamentals of human communication: Social Science in Everday Life - 4th

This text book provides a basic foundation to lead students on an troductory trip about human communications.

 “Fundamentals of Human Communication” presents the basic theoretical and practical concepts of the human communication process. DeFleur uses a multidisciplinary approach, with a balance of innovative and traditional perspectives to give students the tools to communicate effectively in the workplace and in everyday situations.

The particular note in the 4th edition is the conclusion of discussions about social media and new media technologies throughout the book, and especially in Chapter 13 (Using Media to Communicate Interpersonally) anh Chapter 14 ( understanding Mass Communication). 
Bạn đọc quan tâm, có thể tìm đọc cuốn “Fundamentals of Human Communication” , tại Kho tài liệu Chuyên ngành, Thư viện Trung tâm. 
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